privacy policy

I. Privacy Statement

This is the public statement of privacy and security that we adhere to at the Overwaitea Food group (OFG).

OFG believes that our customers are our greatest asset. We built our business and this website on that idea and have made every effort to ensure that your shopping experience is enjoyable, safe and secure. This document explains what happens to information that you submit to us. However, it is possible to browse our website without providing us any information. Any data that we might collect is used to customize your experience at our store and/or website.
At any time you may request to see exactly what information OFG has retained. At any time you may request that we remove your information from our files and databases.
Even within OFG, only those people that require your information will have access to that information.

It is important for us at OFG to make you feel as comfortable as possible at our store and/or website. We may share information in an anonymous aggregate form, such as percentage of OFG shoppers who shop on Mondays or the number of OFG shoppers who purchase a specific product. If at any time you contact OFG with questions, comments or issues, we will work towards a resolution for you at that time and at any time in the future.


During your initial visit to our website, we would ask that you indicate whether you want to receive communications from OFG. There is no obligation to receive communications when visiting our website. Occasionally, we may be in touch with you via email, postal mail or telephone to notify you of new services or products available through OFG and to ask you about how satisfied you are with OFG's products and services.

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, the practices of this website, or dealing with OFG, contact us by calling 1.800.242.9229 to voice any concerns to our friendly customer service representatives, or fill in our: online customer inquiry form


This website provides links to other websites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any other websites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our website to read the privacy policies of each and every website that collects personal information. This policy statement applies solely to personal information collected by OFG.

Some promotions, contests and sweepstakes at OFG may be sponsored by third party companies. In such cases, they will need to collect personal information from you. If you do not want your personal information handled by companies other than OFG, you can choose not to participate in the promotional contests or sweepstakes.

We reserve the right to share information among our affiliates for business purposes.

We are committed to informing you of the purpose behind collecting the personal information that we ask from you. We are committed to honest and open communication and we will make your personal information available to you upon request at any time. Any personal information that we collect is for our business purposes only.

Ultimately, if you are unhappy with our privacy statement or our service as a whole, you can discontinue using our service at any time and subject to legal requirements, request that any personal information be removed completely from OFG.

We reserve the right to change this privacy statement from time to time. We will inform you that the statement has been updated, as we will change the effective date of the statement, and make a note on our website's homepage that the statement has been changed.

June 1, 2008


II. Privacy Notice
Personal Information Collection, Use, Disclosure & Consent

Overwaitea Food Group respects its customers’/team members’ privacy and accordingly the Overwaitea Food Group, a division of Overwaitea Food Group Limited Partnership ("OFG") collects, uses and discloses personal information with its customers’/team members’ consent and as required by law.

Personal Information

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual but does not include the name, title, business address or business telephone number of an employee of an organization.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information

In order to efficiently offer and provide quality products and services to OFG’s customers/team members, OFG must collect, use and disclose personal information in relation to its customers/team members. In this regard:


  • OFG will only collect, use and disclose the personal information necessary for its day-to-day administration, reward programs and to enable OFG to:
    • understand the needs of customers, their preferences and to establish and maintain a commercial relationship with customers of OFG and to provide customers with ongoing service
    • determine the demand for products which OFG makes available for sale to customers
    • provide you with information about products and services offered by OFG, and
    • enable OFG to more efficiently and effectively operate, manage and develop its business
  • OFG will only collect, use or disclose personal information with a customer’s/team member’s consent, except where required or allowed by law
  • OFG will disclose and transfer personal information to its agents for processing and to assist OFG in its day-to-day business activities and administration
  • OFG will safeguard and maintain the security and confidentiality of the personal information provided by its customers/team members
  • OFG’s customers/team members may at any time request their own personal information, subject to any restrictions at law, and may request correction of inaccurate or incomplete personal information
  • OFG will collect, use and disclose a customer’s/team member’s personal information in a manner which complies with legal requirements
Personal Information Options

A customer/team member can opt not to receive OFG’s marketing information and/or not to have OFG use and disclose their personal information other than that personal information required or permitted by law, personal information subject to contractual restrictions/obligations of OFG and/or personal information that is required by OFG to properly and efficiently administer OFG’s day-to-day activities, by simply requesting the necessary form(s) from OFG’s Customer Service department and thereafter completing and returning the form(s) to OFG.

If a customer/team member has concerns or complaints about OFG’s privacy practices or compliance, a customer/team member can contact OFG’s Customer Service department and request the appropriate form(s) which can be completed and returned to OFG.

Download the forms here

Please refer to OFG’s Privacy Policy for complete details on OFG’s commitment to privacy, available at OFG’s Customer Service department.
OFG will provide notice to its customers/team members in writing of any changes to its privacy practices or policy.

If you have questions regarding OFG’s privacy practices, please contact OFG’s Legal department:

Don Eng, General Counsel
19855 – 92A Avenue Langley, B.C. V1M 3B6
Phone: (604) 881-3668
Fax: (604) 888-8521

June 1, 2008


III. Privacy Policy

The Overwaitea Food Group (OFG) respects the privacy of its customers and team members. In this regard, OFG adopts practices consistent with the Canadian Standards Association's Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information which code contains ten (10) fair information principles generally described as follows:

1. Accountability – An organization is responsible for personal information under its control designating a representative(s) responsible for its compliance with such principles.

2. Consent – The consent of an individual is required for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information unless otherwise permitted by law.

3. Identifying Purposes – The purpose for which personal information is collected shall be identified on or before the time the personal information is collected.

4. Limiting Collection of Personal Information – The collection of personal information shall be limited to that which is necessary for the identified purposes.

5. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information – Personal information shall only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected unless otherwise allowed by law. Such personal information shall also only be retained as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of such identified purposes.

6. Accuracy – Personal information collected shall be as accurate, complete and up to date as is necessary for the identified purposes.

7. Safeguards and Safekeeping – Personal information shall be secured at a level appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information.

8. Openness – An organization shall make available information about its practices pertaining to the management of personal information.

9. Individual Access - An individual shall be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of their personal information and shall be given access to such personal information. Such individual shall be entitled to query the accuracy and completeness of the personal information as well as have such personal information amended.

10. Challenging Compliance – An individual shall be entitled to challenge concerns they may have with respect to an organization's compliance with the fair information principles contained herein.
It is the goal of OFG to honour the fair information principles contained herein through the implementation of practices and procedures relating to personal information, as may be amended from time to time, to fulfill the needs of OFG.

June 1, 2008